Art Gallery

sorry i'm still working on this page!! gotta sort through all my old art... btw these pages may contain light spoilers. major spoilers will be hidden, so it's still safe to look if you haven't played all my games.


  • Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet - everyone from my first big VN, SatUS! i have a drawing of a syrup 2 character in here too, even though the game isn't out yet.
  • Lonely Wolf Treat - mostly the four main characters, but there's a timber section as well (spoilers are hidden in case you haven't met him)
  • Starry Flowers - (under construction)
  • The Netherworld - a small gallery for most of my demon characters to live, although there are witches here too... (Contract Demon, Spooky Soiree, and KAIMA)
  • doodle comics - all the short scribbly comics i've posted on social media over the years

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