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Q: Where can I get updates on new releases?

A: lots of places! come back and visit this site every once in a while, or sign up for my newsletter!

Q: What's the best way to support your work?

A: patreon. for commercial titles, steam and itch.io both have their benefits, so it's up to your personal preference which storefront you buy from.

Q: I'm broke! What's the best way to support your work for free?

A: leave a nice comment somewhere! share one of my games with a friend! just playing them is enough tho honestly... thank you ❤︎

Q: Can I follow you on social media?

A: i am active on cohost. i also have an art blog on tumblr.

Fan Content Policy

Q: Can I stream/record myself playing your games?

A: please do! have fun :)

Q: Can I post fanart/fanfic/cosplay of your characters?

A: yes!! i love to see it!

Q: What about NSFW fan content?

A: completely fine with me, as long as you tag appropriately--i don't want to see it, and i don't want minors to be able to find it. as an additional note, please be respectful and don't misgender my characters... genderbends are ok as long as you label it as such (the distinction is important to me!)

Q: Can I make and sell fan merch at a convention or online?

A: selling merch in limited quantities is okay with me. asking small creators before you do this is good practice, and i would appreciate it! (just please don't use my art because that would be stealing lol)

About me / my games

Q: Who are you?

A: i'm nami! she/they pronouns. my favorite game is Disgaea 4.

Q: I found a bug/typo! How do I report it?

A: emailing me directly is best! i read every comment i get on itch.io. if the mobile version of one of my games isn't working for you, try the web version! (i've been having a lot of trouble with mobile builds, sorry... the issues are out of my control.)

Q: Why are some of your older games missing from your page?

A: i've removed a few games for personal reasons. some are still technically available, but i'd prefer that people skip them. i hope you will respect my wishes.

Q: Are any of your games based in reality?

A: nope! my stories are entirely fictional. i write based on my own experience and things i've learned from others, but any resemblance to reality is entirely coincidental. (example: the meta elements of BAD END THEATER have nothing to do with my real life)

Work Inquiries

Q: I want to help with your games! Are you hiring?

A: i'm not currently seeking collaborators, sorry.

Q: Can I translate your game into my language?

A: yes. i will pay you. please email me, although i might be slow to respond!

    translation work restrictions:

  • i don't want to hire students (college/university is ok)
  • i don't want machine translations. i will assume good faith on your part, but if i find out your translation is done by DeepL or AI, i will remove it from the game.
  • if a full year passes without any updates, i will consider in-progress translations to be abandoned and hire the next person who asks. (it's ok to take a long time, just check in with me every once in a while!)

Q: Are you available for an interview?

A: is this not interview enough for you? (i am ignoring interview requests at the moment.)

Q: Do you take commissions?

A: commissions are currently closed, and i have no plans to reopen.

About this site

Q: How did you make this website?

i used sadgrl's layout builder for the template and coded it all using brackets. this site is hosted on neocities (as you can tell by the url). whenever i need to figure out how to code something i turn to google, which usually directs me to a w3schools page or stack overflow... so this thing is pretty cobbled-together and i'm learning as i go, but i love the result so far.

Q: WHY did you make this website?

A: wtf man... u can't just ask someone why they made a website...

Q: Some of your HTML/CSS looks broken for me. Will you fix it?

A: i would be happy to try! pls send a screenshot and tell me what browser you're using (and whether you're on mobile). i test my site in firefox and chrome on desktop, so i don't know how it looks in other browsers... hopefully it's mostly fine......

Q: Can I make a neocities fansite for one of your games?

A: oh my god please!!!! i'm begging!!!!!!!!!! i love this kind of thing so much, that's why i went so hard on my own pages... (i'm about to build so many shrines myself... pls join in the fun......)

thank you for reading!

if you have other questions or would like to contact me for any reason, feel free to send a message! if you wanna leave a comment on my site, i have a guestbook as well :)

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