My Comics

i was a comic artist before getting into game development. now i draw comics based on my games! these should be considered supplemental material--you aren't missing out on anything important if you skip them. they're just fun bonus content if you enjoy the characters!

another piece
of candy

all-ages webcomic

8/27/2016 ~ present

a series of oneshot comic strips, starring various characters from games that i've made! new comics are posted every wednesday. not strictly canon, mostly for fun.

NSFW comics (18+)


released: 11/11/2016

a 25-page comic about treat and moxie's budding relationship after the events of Lonely Wolf Treat Chapter 3: Clever Fox Moxie


released: 11/23/2019

a 23-page comic about treat and mochi's night together after the events of Lonely Wolf Treat Chapter 6: Mochi in Frosting.

Starry Flowers: Mirror Call

released: 11/2/2022

a 23-page, full color comic about pastille and periwinkle having the witch equivalent of a video call. set after the events of Starry Flowers.

Starry Flowers: Tempered Desire

released: 1/13/2024

a 16-page comic about pastille and periwinkle having some drinks with cassia and her partners before going home together. this one is also set after Starry Flowers, as a direct followup to one of the extra scenes.