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let me tell you about my games!

hi, i'm NomnomNami! i make visual novels and RPGmaker games, and i've been doing this since 2013! gamedev is my passion... i love all my characters, so i want to keep making more and more games about them... forever...! wahaha!many of my stories take place in the same universe, but you won't need prior knowledge to enjoy any particular one. feel free to start with whichever game appeals to you most! i hope this page helps.if you want to play all of my games in order, the full release list is here. follow me on to get an email whenever i release a new project!

choose your fighter!

...just kidding. pick a game to learn more about it. (you can click the picture again to get back here quickly.)


this one's ultra popular


rating: 13+ (strong language)
release date: 10/26/2021
engine: Ren'Py

select your protagonist and explore a variety of terrible fates! your actions as one character will affect how the other stories unfold. in this game with over 40 bad endings, will you be able to reach the one true end...?

syrup and the ultimate sweet

Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet

rating: 13+
release date: 10/31/2015
engine: Ren'Py

the story of a candy alchemist, a candy girl, and their quest to create the ultimate sweet. it's a story of love and friendship with 10 different endings... but please try to resist eating the candy girl. (also available on consoles!)

this one's my favorite
starry flowers

Starry Flowers

rating: 16+ (sexual themes, strong language)
release date: 2/27/2021
engine: Ren'Py

an extremely sweet slowburn romance featuring periwinkle and pastille! includes a small dressup game where you choose periwinkle's accessories for each date.

her tears were my light

her tears were my light

rating: all ages!
release date: 3/30/2016
engine: Ren'Py

a short love story about time and space. new paths will unfold with every loop, and you can even rewind to change the outcome. will you be able to save the universe from eternal darkness?

contract demon

Contract Demon

rating: 16+ (sexual themes, strong language)
release date: 3/30/2019
engine: Ren'Py

a kinetic novel about an angel who summons a demon. watch their strange and comedic love story unfold, as kamilla tries her best to be demonlike while eleni (depsite being an angel) seems to have mastered it somehow.

spooky soiree

First Kiss at a Spooky Soirée

rating: 13+ (strong language)
release date: 10/23/2016
engine: Ren'Py

play as marzipan, a light witch who's gone her whole life without kissing anyone--UNTIL TONIGHT! there are 10 endings, with 8 characters to kiss.

astra's garden

Astra's Garden

rating: 13+ (strong language, heavy topics)
release date: 5/9/2022
engine: Ren'Py

an idle game where you grow plants to make medicine for your customers. it takes under an hour to reach the ending, but you can keep growing plants forever if you like :)

charm studies

Charm Studies

rating: all ages!
release date: 3/31/2023
engine: Ren'Py

a picross game with a light-hearted story about learning magic. this is technically a prequel to Starry Flowers, but you can fully enjoy the story without that extra context!


sex advice succubus

Sex Advice Succubus

rating: 18+ (adults only!)
release date: 2/24/2023
engine: Ren'Py

a cozy mature chat simulator! you play as Qmin, a succubus who works for a company that provides advice to paying clients, with the goal of improving their sex life.


here comes the fan favorite!
lonely wolf treat

Lonely Wolf Treat: The Complete Series

rating: all ages(?)
engine: RPGMaker VX Ace

an rpg series about a wolf who moves into a town full of rabbits. this game has been in development since 2016, and is currently in early access! you can play up to chapter 8, part 1. two more major updates are still planned!



rating: 13+ (strong language, violence)
release date: 7/23/2016
engine: RPGMaker VX Ace

KAIMA is the story of a planet being eaten away by monsters, and a girl determined to survive. it's a really short game with multiple endings, full of dark themes but with a light-hearted/comedic tone.

drowning drowning

drowning, drowning

rating: all ages!
release date: 5/15/2020
engine: RPGMaker VX Ace

the story of a young girl who dives into the sea. make your way through the kelp forests and meet the friendly residents of an underwater city... but were you really invited here just for fun? or was there some deeper reason...?

princess poffin

Princess Poffin and the Spider Invasion

rating: all ages!
release date: 6/4/2023
engine: GB Studio

a gameboy game made in one week for a jam! it's a sweet little adventure filled with moth and spider girls. you can play it on your phone!! or download the rom and play it on real hardware, wow!!!

toffee nyoron
syrup 2

Syrup 2: Candy Alchemy RPG

a direct sequel to Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet!
(currently in development)
rating: 13+ probably
release date: umm 2025???
engine: Ren'Py

as the title implies, the series has evolved from visual novel to a full RPG, including crafting, quests, and battles! it's my biggest game yet, and still has a ways to go. the demo version released in oct 2020 is available to all patrons, and a more current build is available for higher tiers!


i got into music production in late 2015, with the goal of making songs for my games. i've released lots of soundtracks since then!you can listen to them here on my site, or at the links below.



i made a music player with ren'py!
listen in-browser, or donate a couple bucks to access downloadable versions of my albums.



charm studies OST

Charm Studies OST

release date: 3/31/2023

astra's garden OST

Astra's Garden OST

release date: 5/9/2022

bad end theater OST


release date: 10/26/2021

starry flowers OST

Starry Flowers OST

release date: 3/5/2021

contract demon OST

Contract Demon OST

release date: 3/30/2019

spooky soiree OST

Spooky Soiree OST

release date: 10/22/2016



release date: 7/23/2016
(collab with LydianChord)


in 2020, i started writing songs with lyrics using synthetic vocals. i've been a fan of VOCALOID since i first heard miku sing in 2008, so making songs like these is a longtime dream of mine. i've listed them in order of most recent!

something wrong (feat. Eleanor Forte) // september 2023

spiderweb (feat. Eleanor Forte) // august 2022

shifting (feat. Eleanor Forte Lite) // august 2020

raining, pouring (feat. Eleanor Forte Lite) // july 2020


i was a comic artist before getting into game development. now i draw comics based on my games! these should be considered supplemental material--you aren't missing out on anything important if you skip them. they're just fun bonus content if you enjoy the characters!sidenote: my 18+ comics are linked below, but don't worry, you won't see anything explicit unless you buy them. this page is still relatively sfw.

webcomic (all ages)

another piece of candy

another piece of candy is my webcomic, which has been updating since 2016. it's a series of oneshot comic strips, starring various characters from games that i've made! new comics are posted every wednesday. not strictly canon, mostly for fun.

NSFW comics (adult only)

a 25-page comic about treat and moxie's budding relationship after the events of Lonely Wolf Treat Chapter 3: Clever Fox Moxie.

a 23-page comic about treat and mochi's night together after the events of Lonely Wolf Treat Chapter 6: Mochi in Frosting.

a 23-page, full color comic about pastille and periwinkle having the witch equivalent of a video call. set after the events of Starry Flowers.

a 16-page comic about pastille and periwinkle having some drinks with cassia and her partners before going home together. this one is also set after Starry Flowers, as a direct followup to one of the extra scenes.



Q: Where can I get updates on new releases?
A: lots of places! it depends on your preference. the options below are listed in order of least to most commonly updated.

for email updates:

  • i have a monthly newsletter, letters from trick! (signup form is on the front page)

  • follow me on to get emails about new releases

  • subscribe to my patreon (there's a free membership option too)

on the web:

  • subscribe to my youtube channel for music, trailers, and various announcements

  • bookmark and check the newsfeed

  • i post all sorts of things on cohost... (not all of it is related to my games, but most of it is)

Q: What's the best way to support your work?
A: patreon. for commercial titles, steam and both have their benefits, so it's up to your personal preference which storefront you buy from.
Q: I'm broke! What's the best way to support your work for free?
A: leave a nice comment somewhere! share one of my games with a friend! just playing them is enough tho honestly... thank you <3
Q: Can I follow you on social media?
A: i am active on cohost. i also have an art blog on tumblr.


Q: Can I stream/record myself playing your games?
A: please do! have fun :)
Q: Can I post fanart/fanfic/cosplay of your characters?
A: yes!! i love to see it!
Q: What about NSFW fan content?
A: completely fine with me, as long as you tag appropriately--i don't want to see it, and i don't want minors to be able to find it. as an additional note, please be respectful and don't misgender my characters... genderbends are ok as long as you label it as such (the distinction is important to me!)
Q: Can I make and sell fan merch at a convention or online?
A: selling merch in limited quantities is okay with me. asking small creators before you do this is good practice, and i would appreciate it! (just please don't use my art because that would be stealing lol)


Q: Who are you?
A: i'm nami! she/they pronouns. my favorite game is Disgaea 4.
Q: What programs/tools do you use?
A: it varies by project, but here's a list of the main stuff i use:

Q: I found a bug/typo! How do I report it?
A: emailing me directly is best! i read every comment i get on if the mobile version of one of my games isn't working for you, try the web version! (i've been having a lot of trouble with mobile builds, sorry... the issues are out of my control.)
Q: Why are some of your older games missing from your page?
A: i've removed a few games for personal reasons. some are still technically available, but i'd prefer that people skip them. i hope you will respect my wishes.
Q: Are any of your games based in reality?
A: nope! my stories are entirely fictional. i write based on my own experience and things i've learned from others, but any resemblance to reality is entirely coincidental. (example: the meta elements of BAD END THEATER have nothing to do with my real life)


Q: I want to help with your games! Are you hiring?
A: i'm not currently seeking collaborators, sorry.
Q: Can I translate your game into my language?
A: yes. i will pay you. please email me, although i might be slow to respond!

translation work restrictions:

  • i don't want to hire students (college/university is ok)

  • i don't want machine translations. i will assume good faith on your part, but if i find out your translation is done by DeepL or AI, i will remove it from the game.

  • if a full year passes without any updates, i will consider in-progress translations to be abandoned and hire the next person who asks. (it's ok to take a long time, just check in with me every once in a while!)

Q: Are you available for an interview?
A: no. if you send me questions i might answer, but i don't want any press.
Q: Do you take commissions?
A: commissions are currently closed, and i have no plans to reopen.

thank you for reading!

if you have other questions or would like to contact me for any reason, feel free to use the form below. i can't always respond, but i do read it all.


RELEASE LIST (chronological)

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