My Music

i got into music production in late 2015, with the goal of making songs for my games. i've released lots of soundtracks since then! you can listen to them here on my site, or on soundcloud, youtube, or spotify

Game Soundtracks

here's a small collection of tracks from some of my games. since each game has a different vibe, i've gotten to try out various styles over the years :) you can download them here, or listen to more on my web-based radio station.

download instructions
  • - on desktop: right click > save audio as
  • - on mobile: long press > save audio as
  • frosting

    Lonely Wolf Treat (2016)

    Resolution (Music Box Mix)

    KAIMA (2016)

    friend ritual

    Contract Demon (2019)


    Starry Flowers (2021)

    Let's Grow

    Astra's Garden (2022)

    Lucky Thimble

    Charm Studies (2023)

    Vocal Synth

    in 2020, i started writing songs with lyrics using synthetic vocals. i've been a fan of vocaloid since i first heard miku sing in 2008, so making songs like these is a longtime dream of mine. i've listed them in order of most recent!

    refresh (feat. Kasane Teto) [collab] // september 2023

    something wrong (feat. Eleanor Forte) // september 2023

    spiderweb (feat. Eleanor Forte) // august 2022

    shifting (feat. Eleanor Forte Lite) // august 2020

    raining, pouring (feat. Eleanor Forte Lite) // july 2020

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